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Portraits of Learning: Comprehensive Assessment through E-Portfolios in the Metro Academies Project (Savita Malik, Alycia Shada, Ruth Cox, Maggie Beers, and Mary Beth Love; all of San Francisco State University)

Appears in AACU Peer Review, Winter 2014, Vol. 16, No. 1, themed "E-Portfolios: For Reflection, Learning, and Assessment."

Growing a New Culture of Assessment: Planting ePortfolios in the Metro Academies Program (Alycia Shada, Kevin Kelly, Ruth Cox, and Savita Malik; SFSU and City College of San Francisco)

This paper provides a look at the development of a new culture of assessment in higher education with the use of electronic portfolios (ePortfolios). It uses the metaphor of horticulture to describe how an inter-institutional program, Metro Academies of Health, has gone through the first two parts of the ePorticulture cycle—preparing for the use of ePortfolios and planting the first ePortfolio "seeds" within cohorts of students at both an urban community college and 4-year state university. Metro serves as a case study for potentially rich, albeit challenging, ePortfolio integration within a program that serves primarily low-income, first-generation college students. Given the chronically poor outcomes of many of today’s college students, ePortfolios operate as a high-impact practice that provides students and educators with a tool for assessment to improve academic success. Metro aims for a successful and strategic ePortfolio implementation by beginning with a foundation of research on best practices and gives a series of recommendations that apply to new or growing ePortfolio programs. 

The International Journal of ePortfolio (IJeP)

A double-blind, peer-reviewed, open access journal freely available online. The mission of the International Journal of ePortfolio (IJeP) is to encourage the study of practices and pedagogies associated with ePortfolio in educational settings.  The journal's focus includes the explanation, interpretation, application, and dissemination of researchers', practitioners', and developers' experiences relevant to ePortfolio.

Videos & Presentations

Here are a variety of presentations available on the web related to ePortfolio work at SF State:

Growing an ePorticulture (New Window) (AAC & U ePortfolio Forum, Jan. 2011)

This interactive workshop shares practical strategies for starting, sustaining, and harvesting evidence of student learning through an ePortfolio program. Drawing on six years of experience working "from the ground up" at San Francisco State University, we share examples and resources from our ePortfolio projects. Themes with supporting case stories include: Successful "planting" tips with getting-started steps and examples of discipline specific portfolios; maintaining and growing, with examples of "mapping" and "tagging" student work to learning outcomes at course, program, and institutional levels; harvesting student work through Capstone courses and strategies for the use of portfolios in program reviews.

Linking Student Learning Outcomes through Strategic Planning, Curricular Innovation and ePortfolio Assessment (LEAP Project: Gail Evans, Linda Buckley, and Maggie Beers)

This presentation from San Francisco State University provides a powerful case study of one possible strategy for aligning institutional student learning outcomes with the LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes, with an eye toward accreditation requirements. SFSU successfully demonstrates the connectivity between learning goals on an institutional level, system-wide strategic priorities, and the LEAP framework.

ePortfolio Project at British Columbia Institute of Technnology (project by AT Director Maggie Beers)

This brief film highlights the use of ePortfolios at BCIT. Students in the trades create their ePortfolios, instructors describe the assessment process and employers discuss the benefits.

San Francisco State ePortfolios Lunch and Learn Spring 2016 (Hosted by Academic Technology at SF State)

This video showcases three faculty presentations on best practices for a program implemented ePortfolio.

  • Instructive Collaborations: Fostering Student Learning and Success with ePortfolios -- Professor Tanya Augsburg in the Liberal Studies program
  • ePortfolio Processes over Time -- Professsor Genie Stowers in the Masters in Public Adminsitration program
  • ePortfolios in the Communicative Disorders Program -- Professor Betty Yu in the Communicative Disorders Program


Additional ePortfolio Resources

Examples of ePortfolio projects on other campuses: