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Academic Technology consults directly with departments interested in the use of electronic portfolios. If you are interested in an ePortfolio project for your department or program, the resources in the Faculty/Departments section are designed to help you get started.

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About Academic ePortfolios

Educational research shows that portfolios can encourage students to think about their learning in a broader context of career, culture, and experience. The ePortfolio development process may help students to become more actively involved in planning, and more responsible for achieving their own educational and life goals. Faculty and Departments play a key role in helping students to engage in the process of learning how to collect, select, reflect, connect, build, and publish & their academic and co-curricular work.

Student ePortfolios often contain the following:

  • Digital artifacts created for or about a student that demonstrate core competencies in a major or discipline
  • Student's reflective writing about specific artifacts or activities, or a description of how a group of artifacts or activities relate to a course or program objective
  • Organizational structure that helps the viewer find evidence regarding the student's knowledge, skills, or attitudes

These artifacts and reflective pieces may reflect both curricular and co-curricular (e.g., internships, work-related) activities. Artifacts created by students include items such as digital files (e.g., documents/PDF's, spreadsheets, audio or video files, graphics or photos, CAD drawings). Artifacts created for or about students may include items such as observation logs, letters of recommendation, awards, or a photo or video clip of the student performing a task. Additionally, using the power of hyperlinking, through the ePortfolio, students may connect their academic work to a wider circle of relevant experiences such as:

  • Work experiences
  • Volunteer and community-based activities
  • Leadership skills (on-campus and off)
  • Professional/academic activities (conferences, presentations, performances, exhibits)
  • International travel and study abroad experiences

Well-conceived ePortfolios can serve multiple purposes, providing a means to authentically assess student performance, acting as a bridge between educational institutions (e.g., high school to university, transfer between community college and university), or allowing prospective employers to evaluate a student's abilities.

Please explore the range of departments using ePortfolios and view some project gallery to get more insight into the possibilities they offer.

ePortfolio Testimonials at San Francisco State

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