Getting Started Questions

The questions below will help you consider how your department wants to start an ePortfolio project.

Describe your ePortfolio Project

  1. Will ePortfolios be used at Program/Department and Campus levels?
  2. What are your core goals in using ePortfolios with students? [Formative/summative assessment; Capstone/culminating project, professional development, demonstrating examples of work linked to departmental/institutional goals/competencies or GE Outcomes, showcase portfolios for employers, all of the above?]
  3. Can you identify "gateway" (starting) and "capstone" (or culminating) courses to introduce and complete the ePortfolio process for your department? [It also helps to identify "signature or key" assignments from program courses and to require portfolios.]

During the course or program—Implementing ePortfolios

  1. What knowledge, skills, and values/reflections will you want students to share in their portfolios? [If you have a preliminary outline of "ingredients", themes, competencies, signature/example projects or artifacts that you will require, please share the outline. Even a brief overview or simple first draft outline will be useful. E.g. 1) Home/Welcome Page; 2) Philosophy or Mission Statement 3) Academic Work/Core Academic Competency samples; 4) Leadership Skills, Co-Curricular Activities; 5) Resume/CV/Contact]
  2. What types of media/artifacts/evidence do you want students to use/archive to demonstrate competencies in these areas? [Signature assignments/documents, PPT presentations, multimedia (audio/ video/images), websites/links, observation logs or reports completed by experts in your field etc.]
  3. What resources will you need to support students who are creating/ uploading various media?
  4. Are there examples of ePortfolios (from other institutions or programs) that you are aware of (especially in your discipline) that might serve as good examples for your project?

Evaluating ePortfolios

  1. What standards/processes for evaluation of ePortfolios will you use? (Peer review, rubrics, and "signature" assignment collection and scoring, keywords/tags related to core competencies, instructor comment boxes, etc.)
  2. Do you have rubrics already developed that you can use or adapt to evaluate student ePortfolios?
  3. Will multiple faculty or external reviewers need to look at the portfolios?
  4. Is the creation of a durable archive of student ePortfolios important to your ePortfolio project?