ePortfolios in Your Course

Here are few steps to follow in order to introduce ePortfolios in your course:

How do I prepare to introduce ePortfolio in my classes?

Here are some suggestions to help you prepare for introducing ePortfolio:

  • Review the ePortfolio Power Point, Getting Started with Electronic Portfolios, and adapt it for your own course(s). (Note: The PowerPoint presentation is a downloadable document. It will not open in the browser.) Some faculty have found it helpful to use one class session to have an "exploration workshop" where students respond to questions such as (thanks to Prof. Logan Henessey from Liberal Studies (New Window) for these ideas):
    1. What's the purpose of your ePortfolio?
    2. What will eventually be required on your completed portfolio?
    3. After seeing your portfolio, what do you want your viewers to think and know about you?
  • In consultation with your department, determine which "signature" assignment(s) from your course(s) you would like students to upload into their ePortfolios.
    • Guide students on how to briefly reflect on the work they are sharing. Consider designing or adapting reflective prompts as an assignment allowing students to think about their work, goals, and progress in more depth.

How do I schedule an ePortfolio training for my class?

  • Contact eport@sfsu.edu to schedule a 55-minute session within your course. You will be asked to fill out a simple form to schedule your session.
  • Be in touch with the Academic ePortfolio staff for any support you need in introducing and implementing ePortfolio at eport@sfsu.edu

Sharing ePortfolio Project Information with Faculty and Students

Departments using ePortfolios can also create an informational site about ePortfolios as a helpful reference for students. Here are examples:

Special Education: Communicative Disorders

Screenshot of Communicative Disorders ePortfolio

View the Communicative Disorders ePortfolio (New Window)


Metro Academies Programs

Screenshot of Metro Academies Programs ePortfolio

View the Metro Academies Programs ePortfolio (New Window)