Implementing ePortfolios

First Steps for Departments and Faculty

Electronic portfolios can become a valuable part of a comprehensive assessment strategy for departments.  The information below can help you decide how best to implement ePortfolios into your program curriculum.

Ways ePortfolios can Support Learning

ePortfolios allow students to present evidence of their academic work and allow faculty to observe growth, competencies, and leadership skills throughout a course of study.  As a student progresses through a program, faculty members and advisors can track and review what students have done to meet the program objectives.   Here are ways many programs are using ePortfolios with their students:

  • to measure formative and summitive assessment at the course, program or institutional levels.
  • as a tool to foster reflective learning as a support resource in advising on academic growth

Implementation Steps

SF State is supporting the use of easy-to-use web-based Portfolium platform which can easily be adopted into a department or program.  If your program wishes to work with Acdemic Technology in adopting ePortfoios, here's what to expect:

Review our Getting Started Questions.  These questions will help you consider how your department wants to start an ePortfolio project.

  1. Review the resources in the Faculty/Department section on this website.
  2. Contact to schedule a consultation and an implementation plan.
  3. Once your program implements ePortfolios, you can schedule your workshops through Academic Technology in your program's identified "Gateway" or beginning/introductory course in the major. This allows students to continue working on their ePortfolios throughout their course of study and to completed the academic ePortfolio within a required "Capstone" or culminating course.