Welcome to SF State’s ePortfolio hub! Here you will find resources and help to get you started with building and developing your professional online presence. SF State uses Portfolium as its campus-wide ePortfolio platform; with it, students and faculty can cultivate and share their academic, personal and professional accomplishments while at SF State and beyond! 

Benefits of Having an ePortfolio

ePortfolio Benefits for Students:

  • ePortfolios can be a benefit to students both studying at SF State and after graduation. 
  • Collect and save coursework in one place. 
  • Share examples of your work with advisors, faculty, mentors or potential employers  
  • Demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attributes gained within and beyond the classroom 
  • Master valuable technology skills  
  • Easily connect your ePortfolio — via Portfolium — to Linkedin
  • Create a valuable bridging tool for your next job

ePortfolio Benefits for Faculty: 

  • Share your teaching experience, philosophy, accomplishments and potential  
  • Collect, save and share your Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities (RSCA)  
  • Implement ePortfolios — via Portfolium — in your courses
  • Master valuable technology skills
  • Easily connect your ePortfolio — via Portfolium — to Linkedin

Plus, SF State departments, on a wider scale, can use ePortfolios via Portfolium to streamline student work submissions, highlight their students and faculty work and share with the wider community your department’s philosophy, teaching curriculum and more! 




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