ePortfolios Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about ePortfolios at San Francisco State. 

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What is an ePortfolio?

An electronic portfolio, or ePortfolio, is your own personal online platform that can bridge your academic work and professional development.  You can use your ePortfolio to present evidence of  your skills, competencies, career goals, and professional --interests.  An ePortfolio allows you to easily share and connect with teammates, peers, faculty and potential employers.

What ePortfolio platform is San Francisco State using?

In Spring 2016, San Francisco State adopted Portfolium for all students campus-wide. 

How is an ePortfolio different from LinkedIn?

SF State is providing students with an opportunity to create their own personal online ePortfolio (Portfolium) to showcase their academic work and present evidence of  their skills, competencies, professional goals, and interests via file uploads and embedded multimedia. 

Portfolium can be used in conjunction with LinkedIn, as it allows students and recent grads to showcase their experiences with multi-media content and then embed and share these entries onto their LinkedIn profile, enhancing their presence on the professional networking platform.  The choice to connect with LinkedIn is entirely up to the student.

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For Students

How do I sign up for my SF State Portfolium Account?

Go to sfsu.portfolium.com and choose SFSU login. Then sign in with your SFSU username and password.

How long do I get to keep my Portfolium ePortfolio?

You are the owner of the site and it is yours to keep after you graduate.

What is the cost of Portfolium to me?

Your ePortfolio is free for you now AND after graduation.     

Is there any security for the ePortfolio?

Yes. You have the option to make your entire ePortfolio private or specific entries private. Read more about privacy settings with Portfolium's help document on privacy.

Will my ePortfolio appear in search engines such as Google?

If your ePortfolio is Public, yes, it is searchable.

How can I prevent others from stealing my work or plagiarizing it?

Each entry is marked with a line that says this is your property. We also suggest that you create PDFs of important assignments/papers, which helps to keep them from being copied. However, we are in a new era with web publishing.  You many want to explore using Creative Commons licensing for any images work that you want to protect or selectively share.

Am I required to have a Portfolium account?

Students may opt out of using Portfolium unless you are a student in a program that is using ePortfolios as a requirement.

Is Portfolium sharing any of my information?

Portfolium is not sharing your information, but you can link your ePortfolio with other social networking sites that may share your information.

Can I save or export my Portfolium?

You can export entries as a PDFs.  Otherwise the ePortfolio lives on the Portfolium site.

Can I delete/deactivate my Portfolium Account?

You can deactivate your Portfolium in the settings section of the ePortfolio.  Go to Portfolium's use guide for help.

Can I have 1:1 support with my Portfolium account?

At these point the ePortfolio team doesn’t offer 1:1 support for students.  We do offer open labs towards the end the semester where students using ePortfolios for a class can get 1:1 support. Email eport@sfsu.edu for information about our open labs this semester.

Can I change my cover photo?

You can change your cover photo in your Profile Settings.

Do I need to put a picture of myself on my ePortfolio?

You are not required to put a photo of yourself. You can leave it with your initials in the placeholder.  For best practices in creating a professional profile, it’s advised you consider your audience for this page. How do you want to show yourself to potential employers or other people who don't know you yet? Consider using a professional photo of yourself, rather than a photo of pets or other non-relevant images.

Where can I get help with my ePortfolio?

Portfolium provides help documents as well as chat support, which you can find in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen when logged in to your Portfolium account.

Contact your program or department for help with assignments and entry content. 


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For Faculty

How can I implement ePortfolios in my class?

Academic technology consults with faculty in programs that are using ePortfolios across the discipline.  If your class is part of a program that has adopted ePortfolios, Academic technology will provide workshops and/or workshop materials for a gateway course in your program to help students get started.

If your program is not using ePortfolios across the discipline, your students can still access the Portfolium ePortfolio and create entries to showcase signature assignments or projects.  Please contact us at eport@sfsu.edu if you'd like access to our Faculty ePortfolio Quickstart guide that provides links to help documents and best practice tips for supporting your students in reflective learning with ePortfolios.

How can I implement ePortfolios in my department or program?

If your department is interested in implementing ePortfolios in your program, we'd be happy to talk with you!  Start by consulting our faculty information page and email us at eport@sfsu.edu to schedule a consultation with our ePortfolio team.

Can I schedule a workshop for my class?

If your program is using ePortfolios across the discipline, your program faculty should sign up for the onboarding workshops through our sign-up form which is sent out at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.  If your program or department has adopted ePortfolios with the support of Academic Technology and you have not recieved the form, please contact us at eport@sfsu.edu.

Where can my students get help with ePortfolios?

Portfolium provides help documents as well as chat support, which you can find in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen when logged in to your Portfolium account.

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