Finding Images

Using Images in your ePortfolio


Why do your images matter? Images can make your ePortfolio more dynamic and appealing to your audience.  However, it is important to follow the academic integrity guidelines from above. If you are not using images that you own, it is important to use images responsibly and give proper attribution to the source.  Below are some resources to help you use images in your ePortfolio. 

What are some ethical questions to consider when adding a photo in your eportfolio?

Who took the photo?

  • Whoever took the photo owns it
  • The owner gets to decide whether and how it can be used
  • If you can use it, you have to give them credit for their work

Who's in the photo?

  • Respect and protect others' privacyand safety
  • When in doubt, ask if it's ok to use the photo

What does the photo communicate?

  • Consider responsible representation
  • How do you want to portray yourself to others and what impression do you want to create?


If you want to use photos that you have taken, it would be a good idea to put in the caption (when editing the project)
stating that you have reserved all the rights to this photo and that you are the creator.

Consider looking for free open-source photos that are under creative commons licensing and allow users to use them for free.
The Creative Commons search engine has more than 500k images that you can choose from.

Stock Images and Creative Commons Licensing

There are many ways to find free open source images online to use in your ePortfolio.  Some sites have a variety of photos that are free to use or modify, while others may cost money to use.  Always be sure to read the website's requirments for copyright and usage before you use the photo.  Here are a few sources that many students have found helpful: