ePortfolio Showcase Awards

Students were invited to submit projects for the SF State Gator Discoveries ePortfolio Challenge. They showcased their work and reflections around their SF State Discoveries. Their submissions could be inspired by their First Year Experiences; Academic, Creative and Scholarly Work; Service Learning; Professional ePortfolios; Technology and Innovation; and Virtual and Augmented Reality. 

Big Thank You!

We want to send out a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest! We also want to say a big thank you to faculty who support the ePortfolio initiative and have integrated ePortfolios in their curriculum.

Congratulations again to our students!


The ePortfolio team, CEETL 


Congratulations to Our 2020 Winners!

Frida Rojas Portfolium Profile image

1st Place (Tie)

Frida Rojas

The work I do at Longfellow greatly impacts me because the students I work with have found a trusting bond with me and I am glad to be able to be their tutor. I always want to see my students succeed and when they have difficulties, I am always there to help them out whether that be rereading a question, helping them with math, reading with them, helping them read and write as well.

Nancy Valdez Portfolium Profile image

1st Place (Tie)

Nancy Valdez

I'm currently studying speech and language pathology at SF State. Speech pathologist studies different types of language and speech disorders, especially in young children. In my program, we discussed an anxiety-based disorder called selective mutism. To give a small explanation of what this is, it's when children who can speak, choose not to.

Maya Showen Portfolium Profile image

2nd Place (Honorable Mention)

Maya Showen

Reading literature has profoundly improved the quality of my life. During my formative years, I had a lot of issues going on at home and were it not for the Harry Potter book series, I would have gone down an unsavory path in life. Reading literature provided me with a healthy escape from my toxic problems at home, while simultaneously encouraging me to dedicate myself to my education.

How the Winners Were Chosen:

The entries with the highest number of votes win first place and win a $250 award. This year we had a tie! Congratulations to Frida Rojas and Nancy Valdez for winning first place.  The second-place winner was Maya Showen who won the honorable mention and a $250 award! The CEETL ePortfolio team chose the honorable mention entry based on how well it exemplified the Challenge theme and requirements.