Information for SF State Departments and Faculty

Our ePortfolio team consults directly with departments interested in the use of electronic portfolios for integrative learning. If you are interested in implementing ePortfolios into your department or program, the resources in the Faculty/Departments section are designed to help you get started.

About Academic ePortfolios

Educational research shows that portfolios can encourage students to think about their learning in a broader context of career, culture, and experience. The ePortfolio development process throughout a program of study may help students to become more actively involved in planning, and more responsible for achieving, their own educational and life goals. Faculty and departments can play a key role in helping students to engage in the process of learning how to collect, select, reflect, connect, build, and publish & their academic and co-curricular work throughout their course of study.

Student ePortfolios often contain the following:

  • Digital artifacts created by student that demonstrate core competencies in a major or discipline.  These are typically signature assignments or projects from the studetn's course of study.
  • Written descriptions of assignments, projects or activities that shows a relationship between how the student's knowledge, skills, and competencies relate to a course or program objective and the students 
  • Student's reflective writing about learned experiences and discoveries gained through the process of completing signature assignments.

Artifacts and reflective pieces may reflect both curricular and co-curricular activities.  As students engage with activites on and off campus, they may begin to post and connect and their academic work to a wider circle of relevant experiences such as:

  • Work experiences
  • Volunteer and community-based activities
  • Leadership skills (on-campus and off)
  • Professional/academic activities (conferences, presentations, performances, exhibits)
  • International travel and study abroad experiences

Please explore the range of departments using ePortfolios and view some project gallery to get more insight into the possibilities they offer.