ePortfolios in Your Course

Whether you are part of a program with integrated ePortfolios or teaching an individual class and wish to newly adopt, ePortfolios (powered by Portfolium) are currently available to San Francisco State students at no cost while studying at SF State and after graduation.  Here are few steps to follow in order to introduce ePortfolios in your course:

How do I introduce ePortfolios to my students?

To increase student motivation, it is recommended you convey the goals of ePortfolios to your students early in the semester. This allows students to have more time to author and revise their entries and reflect on their learning.  Here are some suggestions to help you prepare your students for ePortfolios:

  • Have an "exploration workshop" where students respond to questions. (Thanks Logan Hennessey from Liberal Studies for thes ideas)
    1. What's the purpose of your ePortfolio?
    2. What will eventually be required on your completed portfolio?
    3. After seeing your portfolio, what do you want your viewers to think and know about you?
  • In consultation with your department, determine which "signature" assignment(s) from your course(s) you would like students to upload into their ePortfolios.
  • Share examples of student ePortfolios from your department or from the ePortfolio Gallery page.
  • Discuss the difference between the audience for professional online platforms like Portfolium versus social online platforms like Facebook. This will lead to good “netiquette.”
  • Motivate students by making your expectations clear and by explaining the value of ePortfolios beyond your class.
  • Explain how students ePortfolios will be assessed.

How can I support my students?

San Francisco State has adopted a user friendly platform.  Students who've activated their account and created their first entry have reported that they need minimal to no further support in developing their ePortfolios.  Share these videos and userguides with your students to get started:

To share these links with your students in your iLearn page, visit this iLearn help guide (new window).

How can I follow up with my students?

After students have begun authoring their ePortfolios, the assignments become more meaningful when instructors:

  • Guide students on how to write brief descriptions and reflect on the work they are sharing (e.g. design or adapt reflective prompts as an assignment allowing students to think about their work, goals, and progress in more depth).
  • Set milestones for accountability (e.g. clear due dates).
  • Create easy ways for students to share their ePortfolio with you and with classmates (e.g.post URLs in an iLearn gallery or a forum, or connect with each other on Portfolium).