Getting Started in a Program

As an integrative experience in a program, ePortfolios allow students to present evidence of their academic work and allow faculty to observe growth, competencies, and leadership skills throughout a course of study.  As a student progresses through a program, faculty members and advisors can track and review what students have done to meet the program objectives.  The information below can help you decide how best to implement ePortfolios into your program curriculum.

Implementation Steps

SF State is supporting the use of easy-to-use web-based Portfolium platform which can easily be adopted into a department or program.  If your program wishes to work with Acdemic Technology in adopting ePortfoios, here's what to expect:

  1. Review our Getting Started Questions (below). These questions will help you consider how your department wants to start an ePortfolio project.
  2. Review the resources on preparing your program and assessment in the Faculty/Department section on this website.
  3. Contact to schedule a consultation and an implementation plan.
  4. Once your program implements ePortfolios, you can schedule your workshops through Academic Technology in your program's identified "Gateway" or beginning/introductory course in the major. This allows students to continue working on their ePortfolios throughout their course of study and to completed the academic ePortfolio within a required "Capstone" or culminating course.
  • Be in touch with the Academic ePortfolio staff for any support you need in introducing and implementing ePortfolio at
Request a 55 minute ePortfolio workshop (SPRING 2020) within your course by filling out this form

Getting Started Guiding Questions

Graphic indicating steps of ePortfolio implementation: Identify Core Goals, Determine Gateway and Capstone, Guide Students, Define Assessments, Reflect on Outcomes

Identify Your Core Goals

  1. Will ePortfolios be used at program/department and campus levels?
  2. How will you use ePortfolios to support students? (e.g. formative or summative assessments, capstone or culminating projects, professional development, connecting entries to departmental/institutional goals/competencies or GE outcomes, showcasing portfolios to employers, any combination of the above?)

Determine a Gateway and Culminating Point

  1. What course is the gateway or starting point for the students to begin developing their ePortfolio?
  2. What course is the culminating point or capstone for students to complete their ePortfolio for your program?
  3. What signature assignments or key projects will you require students post?

Support Students through the ePortfolio Process

  1. What knowledge, skills, competencies, values and reflections will you want students to share in their portfolios?
  2. What expectations and guidelines can you provide for how to represent signature assignments in an entry, create a philosophy or mission statement, demonstrate extra or co-curricular experience and/or leadership skills?
  3. What types of media, artifacts, or evidence do you want students to attach to their entries to demonstrate competencies in these areas? (e.g. documents, presentation slides, audio, video, images, links to external sources, observation logs or reports completed by experts in your field).
  4. What resources will you need to support students who are creating and uploading various media?
  5. How might you share examples or models of successful ePortfolios (from other institutions or your program) with your students?

Define ePortfolio and Program Outcome Assessments

  1. What standards or processes for evaluation of ePortfolios will you use? (Peer review, rubrics, keywords/tags related to core competencies, etc.)
  2. Do you have rubrics already developed that you can use or adapt to evaluate student ePortfolios?
  3. Who will assess the ePortfolios? (e.g. multiple faculty or external reviewers)
  4. Will you create an archive of student ePortfolios to support further development of your ePortfolio project?

Share ePortfolio Project Information with Faculty and Students

Departments using ePortfolios can also create an informational site about ePortfolios as a helpful reference for students. Here are examples: