SF State adopted Portfolium as its ePortfolio platform in 2016, making it easier for students and faculty to create and publish a digital archive of their academic and co-curricular work.  


The use of ePortfolios embodies new learner-centered teaching methodologies that put the student and faculty and the educational products they produce at the center of instruction and assessment. As that, ePortfolios have become a valuable digital tool for any user to demonstrate their life-long learning, skills and development over time. 

When students create their ePortfolio, they, rather than their instructors, become the producers of the educational content, which in turn allows for a deeper evaluation of the work itself.  

Since 2016, SF State students have used their ePortfolios to showcase their achievements and even receive feedback and assessment from faculty, peers, potential employers and graduate programs. Departments and the University are increasingly using ePortfolios to collect student work and assessment data for accreditation purposes and recruitment of future students.

With ePortfolios becoming more commonplace in the K-12 and Community College systems, the University advocates for more connections with other institutions to streamline, for example, the transfer process to SF State.  

To see ePortfolio developments across campus, visit our ePortfolio gallery and showcase awards.