Student FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to and choose SFSU login. Then sign in with your SFSU username and password.

You are the owner of the site and it is yours to keep after you graduate.

Your ePortfolio is free for you now AND after graduation.     

Yes, you have the option to make your entire ePortfolio private or specific entries private. Read more about privacy settings with Portfolium's help document on privacy.

If your ePortfolio is Public, then yes, it is searchable.

Each entry is marked with a line that says this is your property. We also suggest that you create PDFs of important assignments/papers, which helps to keep them from being copied. However, we are in a new era with web publishing.  You may want to explore using Creative Commons licensing for any images work that you want to protect or selectively share.

Students may opt-out of using Portfolium unless you are a student in a program that is using ePortfolios as a requirement.

Portfolium is not sharing your information, but you can link your ePortfolio with other social networking sites that may share your information.

You can export entries as PDFs.  Otherwise, the ePortfolio lives on the Portfolium site.

You can deactivate your Portfolium in the settings section of the ePortfolio.  Go to Portfolium's use guide for help.

AT offers workshop for programs/departments using ePortfolios but doesn’t offer 1:1 support for students.  We do offer open labs throughout the semester where students using ePortfolios for a class can get 1:1 support. Email for information about our open labs this semester.

You can change your cover photo in your Profile Settings.

You are not required to put a photo of yourself. You can leave it with your initials in the placeholder.  For best practices in creating a professional profile, it’s advised you consider your audience for this page. How do you want to show yourself to potential employers or other people who don't know you yet? Consider using a professional photo of yourself, rather than a photo of pets or other non-relevant images.

Portfolium provides help documents as well as chat support, which you can find in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen when logged in to your Portfolium account.

Contact your program or department for help with assignments and entry content. 


To view PDF files, you may download Adobe Reader
To view Word, Excel & PowerPoint files, you may download LibreOffice